What is it

  • A very large database containing any game for any platform. No ROMS here, just detailed information about these games.
  • Vote and review your preferred (or hated) games.
  • Mark the games you own, have played, have completed, and so on.

Why is different

  • No annoying flash floating banners, popups, or such... Only the "discrete" banners on the sidebar.
  • Totally free! No fee is required to find, edit, browse galleries and more.
  • Anyone can edit existing games or create new ones, just register (vith your email or Google/Facebook account) and contact me to be enabled!
  • Any suggestion is welcome. Almost 75% of the actual site sections were requested by users!



  • We search for people who can make constantly updates to existing games and add the new ones.
  • Add your own comment/description to any game, just follow the instructions in the gameinfo page. (registration is NOT required!)

Advanced linking

  • Games can be directly linked to other gaming sites related pages, to have more chances to find what you are looking for.
  • I'm looking for other sites to add more advanced links to other platforms. If you are a webmaster of such sites, just .

Stored games and images