Bloody Roar characters list

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Alice Tsukagamihumanoid femaleBeast: Rabbit13
Bakuryuunknown Beast: Mole6
Busuzimaunknown Beast: Chameleon2
Cronosunknown Beast: Penguin0
Gadounknown Beast: Lion1
Ganeshaunknown Beast: Elephant0
Hans Taubermann - Foxhumanoid male1
Jennyunknown Beast: Bat10
Kohryuunknown Beast: Iron mole0
Longunknown Beast: Tiger1
Manahumanoid femaleBeast: Fox0
Marvelunknown Beast: Leopard3
Nagihumanoid female"the spurious"0
Reijihumanoid maleBeast: Crow0
Ryohohumanoid maleBeast: Dragon0
Shen Longunknown Beast: Tiger0
Shina - Jane Gadohumanoid femaleBeast: Leopard First appearance in Bloody Roar 23
Stununknown Beast: Insect1
Uranushumanoid femaleBeast: Chimera2
Urikohumanoid femaleBeast: Half-Beast/Cat2
Xionunknown Beast: Unborn0
Yugohumanoid maleBeast: Wolf6
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