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Asparhumanoid maleBof 20
Boschhumanoid maleBof 5 Like Ryu, a Ranger.2
Bowhumanoid maleBof 21
Builderhumanoid maleBof 10
Crayhumanoid maleBof 4 The young chief of the Furen Clan, a group affiliated with the Eastern Alliance.1
Cupidhumanoid maleBof 50
Danchumanoid maleBof 10
Deamonedhumanoid maleBof 50
Deishumanoid femaleBof 10
Elyonhumanoid maleBof 5 The highest authority, who controls the Members.0
Fou-Luhumanoid maleBof 4 The founder of the Fou Empire, in the west. Its first emperor.1
GarlandmaleBof 32
Geegagis - Deegonhumanoid maleBof 50
Giliamhumanoid maleBof 1 The Forest People are a hunting people who live in the forests and love nature.0
Honeyrobot Bof 3 (Machine Soldier)0
Hortensiahumanoid femaleBof 50
Jezuithumanoid maleBof 50
Linhumanoid femaleAn agent of the antigovernment organization "Trinity". (Because of this, her government-issued ID no. has been erased.) She ends up allying herself with Ryu.5
Manillohumanoid maleBof 10
Masterhumanoid maleBof 40
Mebethhumanoid maleBof 50
Moguhumanoid maleBof 10
Momohumanoid femaleBof 34
Ninahumanoid femaleBof 1-2-3-4-5 All five Ninas from different BOF games are different characters.13
PecorosmaleBof 31
Randhumanoid maleBof 20
Rassohumanoid maleBof 4 A company commander in the Fou Imperial Army.0
Reihumanoid maleBof 3 Rei looks after Ryu and Teepo, who are orphans like him.4
Rinpoo Chuanhumanoid femaleBof 2 The Furen girl Rinpoo has been a fighting genius since birth.1
Ryuhumanoid maleBof 2-3-4-5 His specialty is fighting with a sword, and he can equip even the heaviest armor.16
Sciashumanoid maleBof 40
Stenhumanoid maleBof 20
Tantrahumanoid maleBof 50
Tapetahumanoid maleBof 2 The owner of that long name is the prince Tapeta.0
Teepohumanoid maleBof 31
The Fatal Childhumanoid maleBof 20
Ursulahumanoid femaleBof 4 Like Rasso, a commander in the imperial army.1
Vexacionhumanoid maleBof 50
Yomhumanoid maleBof 4 One of the generals in charge of the Fou Imperial Army.0
Zenohumanoid maleBof 5 A First Ranger who is Ryu and Bosch's superior officer.0
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