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Adrian Shephardhumanoid maleProtagonist of Opposing Force expansion.0
Alyx Vancehumanoid female9
Atlasrobot 0
Barney Calhounhumanoid maleBarney's a security officer at Black Mesa Research Facility. Protagonist of the Blue Shift expansion.1
Chellhumanoid femaleProtagonist of the Portal spin-off series.0
Dogrobot Dog was a robotic toy Alex's father built for her, to watch and protect her. Over time Alex upgraded Dog until it was what it is now, a huge mammoth of wire and steel more resembling a slim robotic gorilla than a dog.4
Dr. Arne Magnussonhumanoid maleYet another Black Mesa scientist, creator of the Magnusson Device.0
Eli Vancehumanoid maleAlyx's father and one of the researchers from Black Mesa.1
G-ManmaleThe mysterious character no-one really knows what he is. Human in appearance, but events seem to dictate he's that only by appearance.0
GLaDOSrobot femaleAntagonist in the spin-off Portal series.1
Gordon Freemanhumanoid maleOur well loved, possibly mute, protagonist of 27 years and MIT graduate with Ph.D in theoretical physics.7
Isaac Kleinerhumanoid maleOne of the researchers from Black Mesa.0
Judith Mossmanhumanoid female1
NihilanthOpressor and ruler of Xen and the main antagonist in Half-Life.0
P-Bodyrobot 0
Wallace Breenhumanoid maleRuler of Earth in Half-Life 2, formerly administrator of the Black Mesa research facility.0
Wheatleyrobot male0
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