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Adelheid Bernsteinhumanoid maleTogether with his sister Rose, Adel commands the Sky Noah, a flying fortress.0
Alba Meirahumanoid maleChinese boxing, Soiree Meira brother... (PS2 KofMI)2
Andy Bogardhumanoid maleAndy was the other boy picked up off the streets and adopted by Jeff Bogard.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Angelhumanoid femaleOne must not be fooled by Angel's slender and well-shaped body, and neither by her happy-go-luck personality she displays at times.4
Anjou Soiree Meirahumanoid maleAlba Meira brother0
Ash Crimsonhumanoid maleAsh Crimson is another flame possessor (a la, Kyo and Iori) but having green color flames. (Kof2003)1
Athena Asamiyahumanoid femalePsychic powers and kung fu, japanese idol.
Athena, The King of Fighters
B. Jenethumanoid femaleStarted as the leader of a group of pirates known as the Lillien Knights.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Baounknown 2
Benimaru Nikkaidohumanoid maleBenimaru was trained in the art of Muay Thai.1
Billy Kanehumanoid maleBilly is Geese's right-hand man.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Brian Battlerhumanoid maleAmerican football player. His football skills are unmatched. And from them, he learned to fight.0
Chae Limhumanoid maleTae kwon do fighter0
Chang Koehanhumanoid maleVariation of Tae Kwon Do5
Chin Gentsaihumanoid maleDrunken Monkey fighter0
Chizuru Kagurahumanoid femaleShe and her twin sister were the guardians of the seal of Orochi.1
Choi Boungehumanoid maleTae Kwon Do and claws0
Chrishumanoid maleA descendant of the Orochi user of Flame.0
Clark Paul Steelhumanoid maleGreco-Roman wrestling2
Dukehumanoid male0
Duo Lonunknown Piercing Pugilism1
Earthquakehumanoid male0
Foxyhumanoid femaleShe was the NESTS officer who created Kula, and later followed her to watch over her.0
Genjyuro Kibagamihumanoid male0
Goenitzhumanoid maleAt the age of 18, he killed Kagura's twin sister in order to free the power of the Orochi and use it himself.0
Goro Daimonhumanoid maleDaimon is Japan's powerhouse.0
Haomaruhumanoid maleNot a real KOF character, just appeared in Capcom Vs SNK 24
Heavy Dhumanoid maleBoxer1
Heidernhumanoid maleHeidern had been fighting Rugal, when Rugal sliced out his eye.1
Hinako Shijounknown Sumo3
Ignizhumanoid maleTrue leader of NESTS.0
Iori Yagamihumanoid maleHe is a man who appeared out of no where with a personal agenda.1
Jhun Hoonhumanoid maleTae Kwon Do0
Joe Higashihumanoid maleMuay Thai. Joe's the fun loving kickboxer who knows how to have a good time.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Jun Kagamihumanoid femaleThe young girl Miu Kurosaki and her companion, Jun Kagami, request the aid of one Iori Yagami to help find Miu’s little brother, Shinobu. (appeared on GBA KofEX2)0
Junko Sendounknown 0
K'humanoid male2
K999unknown 2
Kasumi Todohhumanoid femaleKobujutsu. She's the daughter of Todo from Art of Fighting.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters
Kim Kaphwanhumanoid maleOut to show the world justice, the Korean way, Kim recruits two former convicts and trains them for the tournaments.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Kinghumanoid femaleShe was a bouncer in Art of Fighting, her Muay Thai style, which she learned in Thailand as a child, combined with her speed made her a very tough one at that.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters
Krizalidunknown 0
Kula Diamondhumanoid femaleUsing the Anti-K art, Kula is a mysterious fighter who emerged in the KOF tournament of 2000.6
Kyo Kusanagihumanoid maleKyo was raised in the Kusanagi Clan, a clan that taught the deadly burning martial arts of Magatama.8
Kyoji Sendounknown 0
Leona Heidernhumanoid femaleMartial arts. At her young age, her Orochi blood was awakened, and she wiped out her entire family.9
Li Xiangfeihumanoid female
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Lien Nevillehumanoid femaleHomicidal karate.4
Linunknown Qing Shen Gong fighter0
Lucky Glauberhumanoid male1
Luise Meyrinkhumanoid female2
Mai Shiranuihumanoid femaleShe trained under Jubei Yamada with Andy for a while, learning the art of Shiranui-Ryu Ninjitsu.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Maki Kagurahumanoid female0
Malinunknown Weapon fighting1
Mary Ryanhumanoid femaleSambo
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Maturehumanoid femaleThe Orochi was surprised that Rugal had been able to survive a fight with him.0
Maximahumanoid male0
May Lee Jinjuunknown 1
Mignon Bearthumanoid femaleMagic & Chinese boxing6
Miu Kurosakihumanoid female0
Moe Habanaunknown 1
Mukaiunknown When defeated, Mukai is impressed with the hidden potential of mankind.0
Nagasehumanoid female2
Nakoruruunknown 0
Omage Rugalunknown With his approaching death, the Orochi power within him is awakened, and allows him to survive his suicide attempt.0
Orochihumanoid male0
Raidenhumanoid maleFirst appearance in Capcom Vs SNK
The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury
Ralf Joneshumanoid male Ralf and Clark had been on a mission in Brazil, when their helicopter when down (their stage in '94).3
Ramonunknown 0
Reiji Ogamiunknown 0
Robert Garciahumanoid maleA son of a rich man, he was sent at an early age to learn discipline through the martial arts.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters
Rock Howardhumanoid male
The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury
Rosehumanoid female0
Rugal Bernsteinhumanoid maleRugal claims to be the best fighter, making trophies out of those that he defeats.1
Ryo Sakazakihumanoid maleWhile he was still a child, his father suddenly disappeared, leaving him in the care of Robert Garcia.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury
Ryuji Yamazakihumanoid maleA bodyguard for the Chon Shu twins, he helped them try to acquire the secret scrolls.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Saisyu Kusanagihumanoid maleSaishu is Kyo's father, and the current head of the Kusanagi clan.0
Sethhumanoid male0
Shen Woounknown 0
Shermiehumanoid femaleA descendant of the Orochi user of Lightning.5
Shikihumanoid female0
Shingo Yabukihumanoid maleAs a second year high school student, Shingo witnessed an awesome display of power from an elder student.0
Sie Kensouhumanoid maleClaiming to be Athena's boyfriend (she doesn't agree), he joins with her and Chin in their quest for justice.1
Sinobu Kurosakiunknown 0
Soiree Meirahumanoid male0
Souji Kusanagiunknown 0
Syota Sendounknown 0
Takuma Sakazakihumanoid maleTo motivate his two students, Mr. Karate joins them in the tournament to prove that Kyokugen Karate cannot lose.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters
Terry Bogardhumanoid maleTerry was one of two boys living on the streets picked up by a great fighter named Jeff Bogard.
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Tizochumanoid male
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Tung Fu Ruehumanoid male
Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters
Vanessahumanoid female0
Vicehumanoid femaleRugal had somehow siphoned some of the Orochi power.2
Whiphumanoid female2
Yashiro Nanakasehumanoid maleA descendant of the Orochi user of Earth.1
Yuri Sakazakihumanoid femaleKyokugen karate. Tthe younger sister of Ryo Sakazaki.
Art of fighting, The King of Fighters
Zerounknown 0
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