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Baby Luigihumanoid maleBaby version of Mario's brother, Luigi0
Baby LumamaleMario's main companion in Super Mario Galaxy series.2
Baby Mariohumanoid maleBaby version of Mario0
Birdobeast femaleOne of the many enemies encountered by mario and friends.0
Bomb-ombOne of the many enemies encountered by mario and friends.0
Boomonster Ghost-like enemy, very common in many Nintendo games.0
Bowser Jr.beast maleKing Koopa's kid.0
Bowser Koopabeast maleConstantly kidnaps Princess Peach Toadstool and has repeatedly attempted to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom
Mario, Super Smash Bros.
Chain Chompmonster Is a black, spherical being, dog-like character.0
Cheep-Cheepbeast They are aquatic creatures similar to fishes that leap out of the water to attack Mario.0
Clawgripbeast male0
Diddy Kongbeast Is a young ape who first appeared in the Super Nintendo video game Donkey Kong Country as Donkey Kong's sidekick.
Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., Mario
Donkey Kongbeast maleThe gorilla character that gives the name to the omonimous game. Mario arch-enemy.
Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., Mario
Foreman Spikeunknown male0
Fryguyunknown 0
GenoSeen in Super Mario RPG0
Goombamonster Typical Super Mario Bros enemies. Goombas are brownish orange or yellow, and look like mushrooms with feets.
Mario, Mycoids
KamekmaleThe ultimate enemy in the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. He's a magikoopa.0
Kammy Koopabeast femaleKammy Koopa is an old, female Magikoopa.0
King Boounknown maleMain antagonist in Luigi's Mansion.0
Koopa Troopabeast A type of turtle in the Mario video game series. Alongside Goombas and Shy Guys, they are the most common enemies featured in the series.0
Luigihumanoid maleMario's younger brother
Mario, Super Smash Bros.
Mariohumanoid maleThe hero of the Mushroom Kingdom
Mario, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Bros.
Mouserunknown maleOne of Wart's generals.0
Paulinehumanoid femaleDamsel in distress from the very first Mario game (Donkey Kong). Originally called "Lady" much like Mario was "Jumpman".7
Petey Piranhaunknown male0
Princess Daisyhumanoid femaleFirst appeared in Super Mario Land, where she is the princess of Sarasaland, and was captured by Tatanga and rescued by Mario3
Princess Peachhumanoid femalePrincess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mario, Super Smash Bros.
Professor Elvin Gaddunknown male0
Rosalinaunknown female0
StarlowfemaleStarlow is a Star Sprite who helps Mario and Luigi by giving hints and holding items.1
Tatanga the Mysterious Spacemanunknown male0
ToadmaleOne of the Mushroom people.
Mario, Mycoids
ToadettefemaleOne of the Mushroom people.
Mario, Mycoids
ToadsworthmaleAn elderly mushroom steward of Princess Peach.
Mario, Mycoids
Tryclydemonster maleRed three-headed serpent.0
Waluigihumanoid male2
Wariohumanoid male
Wario, Mario, Super Smash Bros.
Wartbeast maleMain antagonist in Super Mario Bros. 2.
Mario, Legend of Zelda
Yoshibeast male
Mario, Super Smash Bros.
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