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Akane Tendouhumanoid femaleThe youngest daughter, age 16, like Ranma.0
Akari Unryuuhumanoid femaleAkari comes from a long line of trainers who raise and train pigs for sumo-type fighting.0
Colognehumanoid female1
Genma Saotomehumanoid maleRanma father0
Happousaihumanoid maleA powerful old man, possessed by an evil spirit.3
Kasumi Tendouhumanoid femaleThe eldest daughter, age 19.0
Konatsu Kenzanhumanoid maleKonatsu is male kunoichi and supposedly a genius "female" ninja from a family of ugly women ninjas.1
Kunou Kodachihumanoid femaleTatewaki's even stranger younger sister, age 16.1
Marikohumanoid femaleMariko is a cheerleader from a rival school of Furinkan High's.0
Moussehumanoid maleA boy blindly following his love, Shampoo, who detests him.0
Nabiki Tendouhumanoid femaleAkane's conniving older sister, age 17.0
Ranma Saotomehumanoid femaleHaving been cursed at Jusenkyou, he turns into a cute red-headed girl when splashed with cold water.11
Ryouga Hibikihumanoid male2
Saotome Nodokahumanoid femaleRanma mother0
Shampoohumanoid femaleShampoo is a Chinese Amazon who lived in the village of Joketsuzoku, near the cursed pools of Jusenkyo.4
Souun Tendouhumanoid male0
Ukyou Kuonjihumanoid femaleRanma's kawaii iinazuke (cute fiancee).0
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