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50 Centhumanoid maleRapper and actor.0
Albert Einsteinhumanoid maleA patent office clerk and later a professor. Publish some science altering theories about atoms, gravity, space, time, energy, mass. Known for E=MC².0
Douglas Adamshumanoid maleAuthor of books, TV, plays, comics, videogames, and movies. Best known for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of books.0
George Herbert Walker Bushhumanoid male41st President of the United States 1989–1993. Previously vice president, congressman, ambassador, director the CIA, oil tycoon, aviator, WWII vet.0
George Walker Bushhumanoid male43rd President of the USA 2001–2009. Previously congressman and governor of Texas.0
Jackie Chanhumanoid maleComedic/martial arts entertainer.0
Mata Harihumanoid femaleDutch exotic dancer, courtesan, and spy. Executed by the French during WWI after being accused of begin a double agent for Germany.0
Michael Jacksonhumanoid maleSinger-songwriter, dancer, actor, choreographer, poet, businessman, philanthropist, record producer.
Michael Jackson, Real protagonist, Real life musician
Shaquille O'Nealhumanoid malereserve police officer, professional basketball player, rapper, and actor. He's tall (2.16m).
Real protagonist, Real Life Professional Athlete, Basketball
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