Sonic the Hedgehog characters list

These are the characters related to "Sonic the Hedgehog ". Click on the caracter name to view more pictures and details.
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Amy Rosebeast female10
Big the Catbeast male1
Blaze the Catbeast female2
Chaosmonster 0
Charmy Beebeast male2
Cheesebeast 2
Cream the Rabbitbeast female1
Doctor Ivo Robotnikhumanoid male10
Eggman Negahumanoid male0
Espio the Chameleonbeast male4
Jet the Hawkbeast male1
Knuckles the Echidnabeast male31
Marine the Raccoonbeast female1
Metal Sonicrobot male2
Mighty the Armadillobeast male2
Miles Prowerbeast maleHis name is a pun on miles per hour.36
Ray the Flying Squirrelbeast male1
Rouge the Batbeast female3
Shadeunknown Introduced in The Dark Brotherhood2
Shadow the Hedgehogbeast male7
Silver the Hedgehogbeast male2
Sonic the Hedgehogbeast male
Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros.
Storm the Albatrossbeast male0
Vector the Crocodilebeast male3
Wave the Swallowbeast female0
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