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Abelia Schillfelthumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character0
Abyssdemon maleZasalamel's form after absorbing the two swords in a n attempt to finally die for real. The character can be unlocked, in SC3 but has no story mode.0
Algolhumanoid maleThe main antagonist in Soulcalibur IV.1
Amyhumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character3
Anakin Skywalkerhumanoid maleA prophetic child who'd restore the balance to the force. His body was later almost completely cyberneticed, housing his remaining organic parts in the signature suit of Darth Vader.
Star Wars, Star Wars: Skywalker epoch, SoulCalibur
Angol Fearhumanoid femaleA bonus character in Soulcalibur IV, designed by guest artist Mine Yoshizaki.1
Arthurhumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Ashlottehumanoid femaleA bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Ito Ōgure.1
Assassinhumanoid male0
AstarothmaleAstaroth is the creation of a heretical order called Fygul Cestemus.2
Aurelia Dichalla Dolce Dalkiahumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character0
Berserkerhumanoid male1
Cassandra Alexandrahumanoid femaleAgain, the oracle of the forge god Hephaestus prophesies that a warrior must go forth to destroy the power of Soul Edge.9
Cervantes de Leonhumanoid maleCervantes de Leon came from a sea-faring family.2
Charademonster The man's life was far from glorious.0
Chesterhumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Demuth Beel Zebus Halteesehumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Girardot Argezashumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Greedhumanoid maleSC3 bonus characters0
Heihachi Mishimahumanoid maleThe lord of the first Iron Fist tournament
Tekken, SoulCalibur
Heishiro Mitsurugihumanoid maleMitsurugi was born in Japan to a peasant family during a time of war.0
Hildegard von Kronehumanoid femaleHer first appearance was in the series' fifth installment, Soulcalibur IV.1
Hong Yunsunghumanoid male3
Hualinhumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character0
Hwang Seong-Gyeonghumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Ivy Valentinehumanoid femaleIvy is a playable character in Soul Calibur 2.27
Kamikirimusidemon femaleA bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Hirokazu Hisayuki.1
Kilikhumanoid maleKilik is a chosen heir of the Kali-Yuga, one of the three treasures of the Ling Sheng Su Temple.2
Li-Longhumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Linkhumanoid maleOnce upon a time, Hyrule's tranquility was shattered by the arrival of several disasters.0
Lizard Manbeast male1
Lunahumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character0
Lynettehumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character0
Maxihumanoid maleMaxi is the young leader of a carefree crew of pirates sailing the high seas.1
Miserhumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Mitsurugihumanoid maleMitsurugi was born in Japan to a peasant family during a time of war.5
Necridbeast 1
Nightmarehumanoid maleSiegfried was transformed into Nightmare by the demonic powers of Soul Edge.3
Olcadanhumanoid male0
Raphael Sorelhumanoid maleDuring the 16th century, France was amidst religious strife...1
Revenantundead maleSC3 bonus character0
Rockhumanoid male1
Scheherazadehumanoid femaleA bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Yutaka Izubuchi.1
Seong Mi-Nahumanoid female6
Setsukahumanoid femaleNew in Soul Calibur 35
Shurahumanoid femaleA bonus character in Soulcalibur IV designed by guest artist Hiroya Oku. 1
Siegfried Schtauffenhumanoid male2
Sophitia Alexandrahumanoid femaleA young girl with shortsword and shield.9
Spawndemon maleUpon his death, Lieutenant Colonel Al Simmons made a pact with the devil in order to return to the world of the living.
Image Comics, SoulCalibur
Starkillerhumanoid maleProtagonist of The Force Unleashed.
Star Wars, Star Wars: Skywalker epoch, SoulCalibur
Strife Astlar Grandallhumanoid maleSC3 bonus character0
Takihumanoid femaleIt all began before Rekki-maru began to resonate with the curse of Soul Edge.17
Talimhumanoid femaleThe moment Spain declared the Philippines as part of its empire, Southeast Asia was thrust into an age of turmoil.9
Tirahumanoid femaleNew in Soul Calibur 313
Valeriahumanoid femaleSC3 bonus character1
Voldohumanoid maleVoldo is the dreaded guardian of the Money Pit.4
Xianghuahumanoid femaleThe story begins some decades before our heroine was born…8
Yodahumanoid male
Star Wars, Star Wars: Skywalker epoch, SoulCalibur
Yoshimitsuhumanoid maleIndian Stance, Meditation, and Poison Wind Arts
Tekken, SoulCalibur
Zasalamelhumanoid maleZasalamel is an immortal who gets resurrected each and every time he dies. He's seeking the Soul Edge in order to finally die. Zasalamel's left eye is glowing golden in each of is incarnations, a sort of a birthmark. New in Soul Calibur 32
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