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Adonhumanoid maleA Muay Thai fighter who trained with Sagat. They soon became rivals and eventually enemies.2
Akumahumanoid maleAkuma's master, Gotetsu, taught Akuma a move so powerful that it could kill whoever uses it.5
Alexhumanoid maleAlex was raised by Tom, his father's best friend.1
Allen Sniderhumanoid maleAn extremely cool version of Ken and Ryu. Also appears in [game=#16735]Fighting Layer[/game].0
Balroghumanoid maleBalrog's violence and temper have got him permanently banned from boxing.0
Birdiehumanoid male2
Blair Damehumanoid femaleStreet Fighter EX. Also appears in [[gameid:16735 Fighting Layer]].1
Blankahumanoid maleAs a child Blanka was lost in the jungles of Brazil after surving a plane crash.13
Cammy Whitehumanoid femaleAn ex-Shadowloo ninja, Cammy was once a brainwashed puppet working for Bison.14
Charliehumanoid male1
Chun Li Xianghumanoid femaleSexy and strong chinese character.42
Cracker Jackhumanoid maleImagine Balrog with kicks and you've got C.Jack.2
Dan Hibikihumanoid maleDan's father challenged Sagat and removed one of Sagat's eyes in the fight.3
Darun Misterhumanoid male0
Dee Jayhumanoid maleDee Jay wants his music to be recognised world wide.2
Dhalsimhumanoid male6
Dudleyhumanoid maleThe English boxer, Dudley, comes from a rich family.0
Eaglehumanoid maleEagle is a British fighter who fought in the original Street Fighter tournament.0
Edmond Hondahumanoid maleE.Honda is a great Japanese sumo wrester.6
Elenahumanoid femaleElena is a princess of an African tribe.4
Evil Ryuhumanoid maleEvil Ryu is Ryu's dark side which he struggles to control.1
Fei Longhumanoid maleFei Long is a fighter from Hong Kong and his skills have been noticed by movie producers and directors.3
Gekihumanoid maleAppeared only in SF10
Genhumanoid maleGen is a fighting legend in Hong Kong and many young fighters seek him out.1
Gillhumanoid maleGill is a powerful psychopath who emerged after the destruction of Shadaloo.6
Guilehumanoid maleWhen Guile and Charlie were imprisoned in Thailand, Guile also escaped.12
Guyhumanoid male2
Hugohumanoid maleHugo was a former member of the Mad Gear gang.0
Ibukihumanoid femaleIbuki is a member of a secret school of ninjitsu3
Ingridhumanoid female1
Joehumanoid maleA very unimaginative character.1
Julihumanoid femaleJuli is one of M.Bisons two elite assassins trained in the same fighting style as Cammy.3
Junihumanoid femaleJuni is one of M.Bisons two elite ninjas trained in the same fighting style as Cammy.2
Kairihumanoid maleA cool-looking dude in a black suit with a big scar over one eye.0
Karin Kanzukihumanoid femaleKarin is Sakura's main rival and always tries to out perform her1
Ken Mastershumanoid maleKen was a student with Ryu at the Shotokan school of karate.29
Leehumanoid maleLee entered the first tournament to test his skill.0
M.Bisonhumanoid maleBison is the leader of an organisation called Shadaloo.11
Makotohumanoid femaleMakoto's father owns a respective dojo in Japan.2
Mikehumanoid maleA boxer entering the first Street Fighter tournament.0
Necrobeast Necro is a mutation as a result from experiments by Gill.0
Orohumanoid maleOro believes he is the world's strongest fighter.1
Qhumanoid maleSF3 - 3rd Strike0
Rainbow Mika Nanakawahumanoid femaleRainbow Mika is Zangief's counterpart and a great wrestler herself.2
Remyhumanoid maleSF3 - 3rd Strike0
Retsuhumanoid maleA good old friend of Gouken0
Rolentohumanoid maleA member of Mad Gear with a military background.0
Rosehumanoid femaleRose is a powerful telepath and fighter3
Ryuhumanoid maleStreet Fighter main character.58
Sagathumanoid maleSagat is feared throughout Thailand.3
Saki Omokanehumanoid female2
Sakura Kasuganohumanoid femaleSakura Kasugano is a schoolgirl at Tamagawa Minami High in Japan.7
Sean Matsudahumanoid maleSean is aiming to become a Street Fighter champion, like his master Ken.1
Shin Akumahumanoid maleShin Akuma is the ultimate power, completely consumed by the "dark hadou".0
Skullohumanoid male1
Sodomhumanoid maleSodom is a large American man who is obsessed with the culture of Japan. His goal is to rebuild the Mad Gear gang after it was destroyed by Haggar, Cody and Guy. He is playable in Street Fighter Alpha, but first appears as the second boss in the arcade a
Final Fight, Street Fighter
T. Hawkhumanoid maleThunder Hawk village was destroyed by M.Bison.2
Twelvebeast Twelve is a result of one of Gill's experiments.1
Urienhumanoid maleUrien is the brother of Gill and is tired of living in his shadow.0
Vegahumanoid maleVega is a psychopath who is obsessed with his appearance.1
Yang Leehumanoid maleYang is the brother of Yun.1
Yunhumanoid maleYun, along with his brother Yang, were raised by their grandparents.1
Zangiefhumanoid maleThe Russian wrestler used to train by fighting bears.9
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