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Edward Diegohumanoid maleWilliam Diego's father and the person responsible for SHODAN going rogue. He extorted "the hacker" to remove SHODAN's ethical constraints in exchange for the hacker's freedom, throwing in a military grade implant as a bone.0
SHODANfemaleSentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network, an Artificial Intelligence in control of the Citadel Station who went rogue. She's the main antagonist of both System Shock games.1
The Hackerhumanoid maleThe nameless hacker who was captured by Edward Diego while trying to access files concerning the Citadel Station and forced to hack SHODAN in exchange of his freedom and a military grade implant thrown in as a bonus incentive.1
William Bedford Diegohumanoid maleSon of Edward Diego and the commanding officer of the first FTL-capable starship, the UNN Rickenbacker.0
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