Battle Arena Toshinden characters list

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Abelhumanoid male0
Adamhumanoid male0
Atahuahumanoid male0
Balgahumanoid male0
Bang-Boohumanoid male0
Bayhouhumanoid male0
Chaoshumanoid male0
Cuilinghumanoid female0
Cupidohumanoid female0
Davidhumanoid male0
Duke B. Ramberthumanoid male0
Eiji Shinjohumanoid male0
Ellishumanoid femaleHungarian gypsy Ellis is the star dancer of a traveling theater group.1
Eoshumanoid female0
Fen Barefoothumanoid male0
Fo Faihumanoid male0
Gaiahumanoid male0
Genmahumanoid male0
Judgementhumanoid male0
Kayin Amohhumanoid male0
Lancelot Lakeknighthumanoid male0
Leonhumanoid male0
Masterunknown 0
Miss Tilhumanoid female0
Miyabihumanoid female0
Mondohumanoid male0
Nagisa Iwashirohumanoid male0
Naru Amohhumanoid female0
Puella Marionettehumanoid female0
Rachaelhumanoid female0
Replicantrobot 0
Ripperhumanoid male0
Ronronhumanoid female0
Rook Castlehumanoid male0
Rungo Ironhumanoid male0
Schultzhumanoid male0
Shizuku Fujihumanoid female0
Sho Shinjohumanoid male0
Sofiahumanoid femaleIn the last battle, Sofia learned that her memory had been tampered with.0
Subaru Shinjohumanoid male0
Tauhumanoid male0
Ten Counthumanoid male0
Toujinhumanoid male0
Tracyhumanoid femaleWith tonfa in hand and a grave expression on her face, this female cop shouted, 'Freeze!'.0
Uranushumanoid male0
Veilhumanoid male0
Vermilionhumanoid male0
Wolfhumanoid male0
Zerohumanoid male0
Zolahumanoid female0
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