Personal Software

Founded in 1976
Closed in 1984
Status: dead

Personal Software was an early personal computer software publisher. It was founded in 1976 by Dan Fylstra and Peter R. Jennings as Personal Software, and first published Jennings' Microchess program for the MOS Technology KIM-1 computer, and later Commodore PET and Apple II versions. It later published a wider variety of games and some applications programs. In 1979 it released VisiCalc, which would be so successful that in 1982 the company was renamed "VisiCorp".

It is known for Zork, Zork Universe

Releases per year

14 video games with valid date were considered (82.3%)

Gametypes frequency

Top platforms

TRS-80 5
Apple II E 3
Tandy Coco 2
Atari 400/800 1
Commodore PET 1
Apple I 1
Oric 1
Win3.1 1
Windows 1