Running With Scissors

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RWS is known for their unusual public image that they have maintained for years.
Quoted from Company info from RWS' website:
Running With Scissors is an indie video game developer that makes hilarious games just for the hell of it. We are despised by Senator Lieberman, the United States Post Office and the Australian legislature (to name but three), for daring to produce the tasteless and insensitive videogames POSTAL and POSTAL 2.

Contrary to the "fear-enema" that some politicians and religious organizations would like to spray up the collective ass of the entire planet, we believe that the vast majority of people are, in fact, NOT inbred zombie murder-bots just waiting for some entertainment product to finish their "programming". We also do not believe that ANY creative industry should ever have to castrate itself under politically-motivated censorship guidelines designed around the imagined needs of six year-olds or clinically psychotic persons (unless that is their intended target audience, of course).

We believe that violence belongs in entertainment products - not in the streets.

But what do we know, we're just ignorant videogame developers.


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