Founded in 1992
Closed in 2001
Status: name changed
aka(s): Syrox Developments

The company was founded as Syrox Developments, Ltd. in 1992 in London (UK) by Dominic Wood. Syrox developed a range licensed games, initially on handheld platforms, then later on various consoles.

In June 2001, the company was bought out by The Climax Group and renamed Climax London based in Kingston. In November 2002 it was joined by the Climax Handheld Games that was established with an internal team along with nine employees of the defunct Crawfish Interactive. After Climax London studio completed Speed Kings in 2003, the division did not create any other major console games and as a result both Climax Handheld Games and Climax London as a whole became focused on hand-held games.

In November 2004 this was solidified as the division became a part of Climax Action, a virtual re-branding of the Climax London and Climax Solent divisions under a single name. By the summer of 2006 the main company stated that it wanted to change Climax into a one location, one studio developer with a single management team and this was achieved by early 2007 when most of the team moved on to the Portsmouth of the former Climax Solent. By January 2008 the Kingston office where Climax London and Climax Handheld Games used to be housed, was closed.

It is known for SuperLite1500

Releases per year

10 video games with valid date were considered (100%)

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Top platforms

Game Gear 2
Master System 1
Mega Drive 1
ZX Spectrum 1
Saturn 1
Amstrad CPC 1
N64 1
PS 1