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Big John Games 112010/2015
Bohemia Interactive 31activeCS19992001/2017HQ: Prague, Czech Republic Website: Acquired Altar Games …
DaiOhjyo 220012001/2002
Donohoe Digital 22003/2003
duplicate: Bohemia Interactive Studio 22003/2007
Haoh 4JAP20042001/2004
John Sands Electronics 16AU18371983/1984John Sands (Australia) Ltd. produces and distributes greeting cards in Australasia …
John Tiller Software
Johnson Scanatron Ltd 11986/1986
Kohgakusha 3activeJP19761980/1982Foremost a magazine and book company specialized on IT print media. Most famous …
Microhobby Cassette 51985/1988
New System House Oh ! 31988/1988
OHBA-Do 42002/2002
SYSTEM HOUSE OH! 111987/1990
Team SOHO 32001/2004
Toho 28activeJP19321984/1998Mainly a film company, most famous for its Godzilla movies.
Tohoku Shinsha 61996/1998
Wokoha 1US
XenoHorizon 12014/2014
YOH 21989/1990
Yohan Games 42013/2013

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