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Champions : Return to Arms video game info

2007-04-10 (updated 2008-08-06)

Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms brings all the action packed hack'n'slash fun from the original Champions of Norrath back to the PlayStation2. The sequel offers more than 100 hours of gameplay per character, unlimited battles, deadly missions and the ability to import characters from the original game. Champions: Return to Arms enhances all the groundbreaking features that made the original the must-have action RPG of 2004 and brings in a host of advancements to take online multiplayer gaming to the next level.

* Unlock secret gameplay modes with the innovative medal system
* Acquire thousands of new items and magical artifacts, to enhance your abilities and fight more effectively than ever
* Try out two very different new races - The magical Iksar and the berserk warriors of the Vah Shir
* Incredible new monsters, missions and non-linear sidequests in 50 levels
Champions : Return to Arms video game info