Description From Neo Kobe Collection Project
"The PC-6001 was NEC's second line of personal computers after the PC-8001 series. Nicknamed the "Papicom", the PC-6001 was a family-oriented computer at a budget price, with bright orange keyboard buttons and a built-in cartridge slot for plug-and-play simplicity."

- PC-6001 (1981). 4-color graphics and 3-voice PSG. Extra RAM, extended BASIC, voice synthesis, and external floppy disk drive available as add-ons.
- PC-6001mkII (1983). More RAM, better graphics (up to 15 colors), and built-in voice synthesis.
- PC-6601 (1983) - Basically identical to the PC-6001mkII, but with singing voice synth and a 3.5" floppy disk drive. Bundled with the game Colony Odyssey Bouken-hen.
- PC-6001mkIISR (1984). "SR" stands for "Super Revision". Added higher resolution support and 3-voice FM synthesis.
- PC-6601SR (1984) - Nicknamed "Mr. PC". Released roughly at the same time with the PC-6001mkIISR. Basically a PC-6601 plus 3-voice FM synth and TV superimpose functions. Also a completely shameless ripoff of the Sharp X1 in design and looks.