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2007-04-11 (updated 2011-04-30)

He's the good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one, and now he's 3D! Wario, Mario's jealous rival, plays the hero -- well, kind of -- in his first console adventure.
The side-scrolling action remains true to the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games that made Wario famous, but Wario's incredible range of motion gives him new-found freedom.
Finding treasure often calls for flipping a colored switch, then searching high and low for the activated chest. Considering the size of the worlds and the plethora of hiding places, this can be quite a feat. When it comes to moolah, though, no task is too tough for Wario.
Trap doors transport you to hidden worlds that offer mind-bending puzzles. Using your noggin' will yield some important items. A colorful band of fairies offers game info and advice throughout your adventure.
Wario World video game info