Rights to the game

2016-07-31 (updated 2016-07-31)

So I've been following some games appearing on consoles and such for quite a long time now, seeing some being ported to PC or other platforms, and there's been several that I've wanted to be on PC (Windows) but never getting on it. This of course, after some investigation, usually boils down to the rights of the game being held by the company who made the platform itself rather than the development studio or some third-party publisher.

This all leads to: I kind of want to record what company owns the rights to each game.

For example, I've wanted for Bloodborne to get PC (Windows) release, but it was PS4 exclusive developed by FromSoftware. FromSoftware of course has made some PC (Windows) games, but Bloodborne was not being ported. Investigating this of course revealed that the rights to the game were held by Sony rather than FromSoftware, so this clearly explains why there is no port and likely never will be.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how to record this? The publisher is of course very commonly who owns the rights to the game, but this can very easily be the developer instead. And the ownership can change especially with liquidation of companies dying off or being sold, often with whole series (if there is more than one game) shifting ownership rather than just one game.

Thoughts would be appreciated. So far it seems the only thing to be done about this is manual editor notes that hopefully will be kept up-to-date. Best option IMO would be to have a relation between the game and a company owning the rights exist in some manner, but with how UVL works currently that's not possible.

I see your problem but I also can't see a good solution within the current options. Rights are ever-changing. Makes it impossibly hard to keep up-to-date imo.

A company dying-off or being sold can be the worst. It can leave no one sure who owns the game. When no one is sure, they all send cease-and-desist letters. If professionals with lawyers can't get it right, I doubt we could. We can list known buying, selling, bankruptcies, liquidations, copyright notices, and law suits. But I do not think we should commit to anything.