Several new platforms added

Some new platforms were added to the database. Actually the majority of them are "old" platforms.
- Exidy Sorcerer (1978)
- Camputers Lynx (1983)
- Memotech MTX (1983)
- Tatung Einstein (1984)
- Amstrad PCW (1985)
- NeXTSTEP (1989)
- Ouya (2013)
- Nintendo Switch (2017)

re: Several new platforms added
That's great!

I may be adding a few games for some of these platforms in the days to come (especially games reviewed in Tilt! magazine).

Looks like two users (zerothis and Fatherjack) were adding games for the Camputers Lynx at the same time, there are many duplicates now :)

Zerothis mass migrated the formerly tagged ones to the new platform. According to the logs, FatherJack added a couple of new entries just about one hour before. He couldn't know that the games were already in, but under "false" platform. Its just a couple of games, so nothing that could not be corrected / merged.

I've 'merged' the data. In nine of ten cases, Fatherjack included info I had not. So, I transfered my info to his entry and deleted my entry (to preserve his contributor credit)

PS: For now, I'm done adding new entries for the new platforms. No immediate danger of duplicates, for now.