More platform changes and additions

Several new Unix related platforms were added (Unix, BSD, Solaris, Minix). The games were formerly placed under the Linux platform. Migration of these games to the new platforms is in progress. The Nascom computer-kit and the Coleco Adam were also newly added to the list of platforms.

2016-11-19 (updated 2016-12-01)
There are some duplicates being created for the Linux/UNIX/BSD split. Please don't reflexively delete them, the exact situation is complicated but I will sort it out.

split of Linux, UNIX, BSD, Solaris, Minix [DONE] but, there may be errors. Editors are welcome to point them out, make suggestions, and/or fix them.

EDIT: 1st major error noticed. I put SunOS games in the UNIX platform when all info, including my own posts;-, clearly communicated that SunOS is a BSD based OS. I'll be repairing it carefully.

EDIT 2: I've cleaned up the groups a bit. Moved descriptions and articles to the platforms entries. Created 'distro' parents and groups for some of the new platforms. And the new platforms are no longer children of uvl-platform-limitation.

EDIT 3: 2nd major error noticed. license-bsd was redirecting to OpenBOR (which was most likley my fault, sorry). I fixed all the falsely label games and tagged them with license-bsd correctly. And license-bsd no longer directs to OpenBOR.