2017-03-01 (updated 2017-03-02)

Tomy Tutor
ぴゅう太 (Pyūta)
Grandstand Tutor

Not to be confused with Tomy's toy 'computer' sold later. The 16-bit Tomy Tutor had a qwerty keyboard, cartridge port, cassette drive port, Joystick (not Atari compatible), earphone jack, and I/O port. It is very similar to the TI-99/4a. Sharing a similar CPU, virtually identical BASIC, and an extremely similar memory map. However, it is considered faster and generally superior to the TI-99/4a by enthusiasts who own both.

The hardware could swap pallets ever 8 pixels within a scanline (32 pallets per scanline, 6144 per frame).

The Tomy Tutor Demonstration Cartridge flashes "TOMY 16BIT GRAPHIC COMPUTER" on the screen. Technically, the demo cart does not lie. The CPU is infact 16-bit, however the GPU (that can also function as an SPU or co-processor) is merely 8-bit.

Several modern upgrades exist that allow VGA, Compact Flash, RS-232, USB, 512 kb RAM more (added to the original 16-64 kb), and a hardware based development system.