new genre tag needed, Marble Madness like


The number of Marble Madness inspired games has reached the point that I think we need a genre (or game mechanic) tag(s) specifically for them.

Beyond straight clones of the Marble Madness series gameplay (which are numerous), many games expand on the concept and cross into territory of other genre. Marble Madness itself barrows concepts of "I, Robot", minigolf and racing games that included stunts.
Marble Blast
Super Monkey Ball
Mercury Meltdown
Marble Mountain
Rolla Bearing
Lost Marbles

Pretend the snakes in Snake Rattle n' Roll are marbles and it becomes easy to seen the similarities to Marble Madness.
Certain elements of the Sonic The Hedgehog games are shared across this set. Stormbaan Coureur uses a 4-wheeled vehicle and leans heavily to the stunts but otherwise takes place on courses of the type found in and shares most gameplay concepts with Marble Madness


Not sure about using "ball" (too specific, Spindizzy used a spinning top) and "stunts", so I would go for platformroller or rollingplatformer.

Other features where the gravity and friction, but I could not think of a tag that could fit with these.


Those games are sort of related to Ballance, Spectraball, I've Got Some Balls though these three wouldn't be anything I'd consider "Marble Madness-like" despite the similarities.

Besides that, Rolling Platformer would sort of fit these three and Marble Madness-like games, though I'd like to point out that not actually all of these games involve platforming in the usual sense of platformers (lacking jump option for example, though that's not actually required.

Physics Platformer would fit also the three I mentioned, removing the relation with rolling and make it more generic, but I don't think that fits the Marble Madness-like games anymore. Overall, I think there's a supergenre that covers all of these somehow, and one for the Marble Madness-likes, and another for Ballance-likes.

2017-07-27 (updated 2017-07-28)
Gyrowheeling sounds best to me.
Whereas platformroller made me think of games such as Trailblazer.

marblemadnesslike for the specific tag and gyrowheeling for the generic one sounds good.