2017-03-24 (updated 2017-10-07)


More and more old 'dead' platforms are being remade as modern ones both by hobbiests and companies.
NES Classic (Official NES clone, A few no built-in games)
Minimig (Legal Amiga clone. No built-in games)
1chipMSX (Legal enhanced MSX/MSX2 clone. No built-in games)
Firebee (Legal enhanced Atari Falcon/ST clone. No built-in games)
Sprinter (Legal Z84C15 based computer with ZX Spectrum, Pentagon, and Scorpion hardware emulation capability. similar to C128 to the C64. Might not actually belong with the Speccy)
Cyclone Coco (Not yet legal, and therefore not yet for sale, enhanced Tandy Coco clone)
Superboard III (Legal enhance Ohio Scientific clone)
Membership Card (Legal COSMAC Elf clone that fits in an Altoids tin)
So they are tags at UVL as needed, to show games specifically for them. I think we need a parent tag for these systems. But there is a subset within these as well. These systems are sometimes more capable than the originals. Many are intended to be follow-ups to the originals that were never produced 'naturally'. Then new games that only run on the new enhanced system or run with additional features on the enhanced system get produced. So how should we organize these hardwares and games for them?

EDIT: these are similar to minimal hardware/open hardware originals like Adurnio, BeagleBoard, Rasberry Pi.
TGL-6502 is an ARM based motherboard that can hardware emulate 6502, z80, 6809, 1802 CPUs. Can also run Fuzix. While it can be the basis of a hardware remake (just add software, display, input, perhaps memory too), it is actually a unique system.

I would go with the same principle as the somethingenhanced tags are, like Spectrum 128k enhanced and PS4 Pro Enhanced.

Though I have a question regarding this: Are these really worthwhile to note as anything but platform clones normally? NES Classic for example seems to be simply a dedicated emulator for 30 built-in games or so and nothing more. Games that only run on the clone of course throw that away, but is it really any different from games that only run on the enhanced version of the platform and not on the base platform? Though I don't know of any such.

I'm worried about tag flooding here ...
For example, the NES Classic tag is ok. But despite that hardware could play almost any NES we are not tagging all of them.
What about the ZX Vega, with 1000 pre-loaded games? retrocomputerslimited.com/products/zx-vega/about-the-zx-vega
And what about any "emulator on a chip" possibly coming in the future ?

I'd treat them as clone platforms and ignore them until they have games specifically for themselves.