Successful migration to HTTPS

2017-09-19 (updated 2017-09-19)

A couple of days ago, UVL has been successfully migrated from http to https. So far no major issues are known. But if anything seems to be broken because of that and needs to be fixed, drop us a line here.

UVL is currently not working on Wii-U and 3DS browsers as they are incompatible with many modern security certificates. Some speculate it is a low-memory issue but it is definitely a Nintendo issue (Nintendo, you are a great game and toy company but suck at all other products and services). There are more than 67,080,000 3DS units in all corners of the globe and for some of those it is only Internet device they have. I can't make the same dire case for the Wii-U but will say that there more 96,520,000 Wii-U units out there and it is the preferred household wireless Internet device for some owners (me for instance, and I have access to smartphones and laptops).

Nintendo has always had issues with Internet browsers, a kind of software that should be updated weekly for security reasons and instead is rarely updated, and in any case are always sluggish.
Too bad for the millions of console users out there (couldn't they just get a cheap old smartphone like the $110 Nexus 4?), but at least the Switch should have enough memory and horsepower to handle a good browsing experience, when they will release the browser...

In places I'm referring too, 3DS units sell new for $80. Not that that matters, the people who have it as their only Internet device don't have direct access to a store and have have gotten it third hand or donated. Tablets, smartphones, and netbooks are obtained via the same channels but guess which one is the most durable.

Wii-U owners, well, speaking as one, we are just whining about a 1st world problem :)

I've switched on my old 3DS (that screen is way too small for my poor eyes...) and yes, it was not working.
I've discovered that the browser do not support new secure certificates, and I sadly doubt Nintendo will ever update it.
I didn't imagine this could be the outcome upgrading to modern certificates. Too bad.