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So I came across the existence of a product
Title: Linux Spiele & Games
Publisher: Mediengesellschaft
Date: May, 2000
ISBN: 3-89826-515-3
EAN: 9 783898 265157

It is a collection of various software and 1,000 redistributable GNU/Linux games. I've counted and studied UVL entires and estimated the math. If, by May 2000, there were 1,000 redistributable GNU/Linux in the world, and not counting a few commercial ones, and by the most generous numbers possible in UVL's favor, we're at least 500 hundred entries short for the pre-May-2000 mark.

So, a UVL editor needs to buy Linux Spiele & Games to get the informations. I'd like very much to own it personally. Thus far my searching has only resulted in ausverkauft, falscheware, and kein schiff für dich.

I might have good news... stay tuned...

Ok, I found a German shop that sells it.

I just bought the article twice! One for me, one which I could send to you. Alternatively I would send you the contents of the cd-roms etc. It will take some time until it arrives at my home and I am not often at home the next time. With any luck I will have it next weekend. If not I will have to wait for 3 weeks. But I think the most important thing is that this article (book + 2 cd-roms") is complete and has everything included.

That was fast! Thank you! Danke!

That's one of the sites that wouldn't ship it to me (I think that was what was said to me in German).

I realize the CD is filled with redistributable content, but, sadly, copyright still applies to the rest of it in my jurisdiction. And I'd like the rest of it :) I'll buy the physical package from you please.

Darn! What's the current state of editor messaging at UVL. Oh well, I'll just relay my address to Andrea. Oh wait, I think I have your email. Someone didn't use BCC (tee hee hee).

interesting fact: China apparently has a cut-off point whereby mostly non-proprietary makes something fully non-proprietary).

Sadly, my order has been canceled. Product out of stock. More details in E-Mail I sent to you. Just wanted to say that this request is unfortunately open again.

Oh there is hope. German Amazon does list it freshly! I don't know if they send internationally. Do they? If not I could try to buy it again.

2017-11-05 (updated 2017-11-05)
So, it's here. It does not look easy to sort out. Some files have a "(1)" at the end of their title; that's shovelware right there:) There are many types of compressions used (Microsoft, Mac, Amiga, Commodore formats). Source code, installable packages, and executable binaries are mingled contrary to folder hierarchy. The folder hierarchy is wildly inconsistent. My system says the RPMs are not RPMs or not installable. Most "kompiliert für Debian" games actually seem to be some sort of source code rather than compiled. The compiled ones segfault. There seems to be source code for everything, thrown all around the disk, it'll take some time to isolate it (and much of it is in German). Oh, and there's lots of ALL_CAPS.FILES mingled with properly cased files. Most games won't compile, I think I can get them to compiled eventually. I did manage to compile one new game tonight. Info for it was on the web, but only as a bug report (actual game missing). Without the author and maintainer's names (from the files on the CD), I never would have gotten the info for UVL; so, worth it.

Good news, all but one useless html/menu file is GPL. I'll be uploading the iso with a CC licensed replacement of my own design so all editors can help. The html/menu is pointless anyhow.