Leisure Suit Larry 4


Leisure Suit Larry 4 is a very influential game despite never being finished, or published, and most likely no longer exists. It seems to be a exception that requires an entry. LSL4 has a history.

I sort of disagree. LSL4 became LSL5. That "story" behind it can very well be described in the entry for LSL5. Having an entry for LSL4 is wrong IMO. There is no prototype or anyhting showable about it. I think that an entry is valid when there is something playable "released", as official release or at least as beta / prototype / playable! demo. LSL4 is very very far away from that. Not even an advertising screenshot for this game exists. Some NES games like Hellraiser or the Seiken Densetsu are also on my "would rather have them removed list because they ruin statistics about number of games etc". But at least there are some scanned screenshots from it. LSL4 seems to be even much much further in the planning stage when they decided to switch the project or just the name. Who knows.

Edit: Also possible to tell the LSL4 story as an article in the Leisure Suit Larry group description.