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Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands video game info


Even the best can get better. In 2004 Pathway to Glory set new standards for mobile games. Now stand back, as Red Lynx returns with a new and improved member of the franchise... Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands.
Commanded by an old Navy veteran, your soldiers are used to combat. Most of them already have experience from the European Theatre of World War II. Although well prepared for imminent combat, the real horrors of the Pacific Theatre will change them forever.
Only their strong ties to each other and to the seasoned veteran Commander Mc Douglas can keep them together. Prepare for some intense action in the Pacific!
Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands features a large number of improvements and a load of new features unseen in the first member of the PtG series. This evolution is based on analysed information and feedback collected from the gaming community, press reviews and beta testing, making Ikusa Islands the most advanced mobile game ever made!
Pathway to Glory: Ikusa Islands video game info