Feature request: Advanced Search Editor "Not Me"


Bob's Your Uncle.

I'd like two be able do a search and remove from the results any entries that I contributed to.

2018-02-28 (updated 2018-03-01)
I see how this could be useful, but this would be tricky... The table that holds this kind of data (editors editings) had 2 millions of records last time I checked.
Joining this to the search page (along with the needed logic) would be quite resources intensive.
I'll make a quick test in a few days to see how much will impact on the performances.

2 millions of records

Yikes! Well, can it be done backwards as a second pass query? As in, the UVL server has fetched my search results (no more than 127,281 records at this moment) now only these game records are searched and if my name is in it it gets removed. Or would a second pass still involve millions of records? Another option, sloppy, but hand off the second search to Google and just subtract the pages containing "Zerothis" near "Contributor" (I realized this would not include recent edits. On the other hand, it would also not produce duplicate results in 7 additional languages as manually using Google now currently does).

You just wrote your reply in to my message. lol
Anyway, maybe you have to say exactly what (and why) you need, maybe the same result could be reached in another way.