Adjectively titled?

2018-02-23 (updated 2018-02-27)

Enemies, items, places are titled using adjectives
Vicious Goblin
Tiny Troll
Howling Joseph
Sharp Stick
Rusty Dagger
Worn Gloves
Bustling Village
Foggy London
Shining City

Early games did not have this. Later early games had only a few occurrences. How to note this? First I think it should be divided. Persons, places, and things seems right. After all, many modern games adjectivate enemies but not items. Also, it might be more efficient to tag when it does not occur. However, this may depend on the category (persons, places, or things)

A lot of item/enemy etc. generators use adjectives and other keywords for describing their different types. For example, you might encounter Arcane Artillery Wolf of The Abyss, where a regular wolf has been modified to cause magic damage, have extra heavy hitting long range attack, and has damage resistance against mundane weapons. These are I think usually called modifiers.

I don't know about simply longer names where the extra bits don't do anything tho, because the name length was issue of available screen space and memory efficiency (e.g. when you only had that 640k memory to work with).