tag idea: sans keyboard


For a console gamer, it is not always obvious that the port they are playing came from a computer version and was originally designed for keyboard input. This is probably not that interesting for a typical computer game that uses some letters on the keyboard for shortcuts. ie: "I" for inventory and "S" for status screen. It gets more interesting when the computer game uses, say, the function or number keys for a throttle or a quickbar especially if there are multiple shift key iterations (Shift+1, Alt+1, Ctrl+1, Ctrl+Alt+1, RightShift+1, and so on). It really is most interesting when the keyboard is used as intended, to create words or sentences in the course of gameplay. This calls for a major shift in design to port to a keyboardless system whether it be console, portable, mobile, or something else.
I suggest this be limited to computer games requiring word input or using the keyboard for more functions than a controller is practically capable of (this for instance means more than 24 functions for Atari 2600, 8 for NES, and so on). Or, should we split word input to its own keyboardless group?

Any better name ideas?

I believe one of the legacy design tags that you started (tho I guess I implemented first?) are exactly this: legacydesign-controls (issues with control[ler] adaptation) or legacydesign-interface (if it's specifically UI prompts and such)