2007-07-05 (updated 2018-07-09)

Games can optionally be played with a Mattel Power Glove (the NES peripheral)

A transputer could be configured to boot to the X-Windows desktop with a flight simulator, word processor, and compiler already running in 3 seconds!

X-Windows was layered on top of HeliOS. HeliOS was a Microkernel Unix-like operating system for parallel processing hardware. Every CPU in a transputer ran it's own copy of HeliOS with one CPU running HeliOS as a "Nucleus" (the human, file, network, development, and input interface console). An add-in POSIX library running on the Nucleus provided POSIX compliance.

All transputer stations and cards could link to each other regardless of the hosting system. ISO cards on an IBM, cards on an Amiga, an ATW800, an INMOS, a K-MAX, they could all link.