2007-07-05 (updated 2015-02-06)

Processor: Intel 8048
Speed: 3.57 Mhz
RAM: 256 Bytes + 64 Bytes in processor
2K address space (for cartidges), bank switching for up to 8K built-in.
Sound/Video: Intel 8244 custom 2 speed clockable IC, 24-bit shift register, 1 noise generator
VRAM: 256 bytes
Colors: 16
Sprites: 4, 8x8 pixel, monochrome
Background: 9x8 grid
Text: 28 internal characters, additional characters can be included in the game carts.

Other names/consoles:
Philips G7000 Videopac
Philips G7200 Videopac
Philips C62 Videopac (France)
Radiola Jet 25
Schneider 7000
Siera G7000
オデッセイ2 (Odessei2)

The Videopac G7400 is backwards compatible with Odyssey²/G7000 games.

There are three add-units for the G7k/O². The Voice of the Odyssey², The Chess Module, and the BASIC Module.