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2007-07-19 (updated 2007-10-02)

If the concern is inflated numbers. Then perhaps, we could have a relational link system. Where one game can be marked as 'version of', 'add-on for', 'mod of', 'emulation of', 'collection of', or 'Virtual Machine implementation of' another game. This would keep the entry from being counted as a 'game title' but still allow it to have a different authors, names, release dates, links, publishers, developers, genre, type, flags, multiplayer flags, perspectives, descriptions, comments, tags, release dates, and languages. To save space, an 'of' game would only have its own ID but would simply parrot all the info of the game that it was of. But someone could add something unique to an 'of' game to override the parrot in a particular area. If it got is own type, all the parrot types would be blocked. If it got its own tag, no tag parrots. if it got its own perspective, no perspective parroting. I've actually suggested this before but I'm hoping this slightly new approach coupled with Andrea's updated skills and UVL's updated problems means its a better option now.