Animals and/or pets harmed


Some gamers, especially pet owners and those who just like pets, tend to get very upset with games where such come to harm like others are from seeing spiders, children being harmed, etc. So I was wondering if we should mark games where animals come to harm. I propose this is two tags, where pets are harmed, and another for general harm to animals.

Optimally for this we could just somehow mark any creature tag as target of (potential) harm, but I don't think that's very doable from technical side. and related sites track this kind of stuff fairly comprehensively and we'll never be true competition for them, but I think we could and probably should leverage the tag system to provide this kind of information where possible.

Nice, didn't know that site.
What are the technical issues that prevent this kind of tagging ?

The basic idea of adding new tags is not an issue, but leveraging already existing tags for it is.

The problem I mentioned was more that we can't attach metadata to other tags per game. So if we have animals tag, we can't attach metadata to it like "harmed and/or killed" and instead we need fully separate "animals harmed" tag.

Anyway, for adding those things as tags, I'm not sure on the specificity that is desired. Is it enough that it says "animals harmed", or should it be "pets harmed", or even more specific "dogs harmed".

That site however reminded me that adding tag for strobe effects would be similarly good idea, possibly many of the others they also track (we already have some of them, like suicide, jumpscares, clowns, syringes, etc.).