Resource management gameplay


There's a lot of games that have varying degrees of resource management in them, but usually when game is said to involve resource management it refers to them having finite, limited, hard to acquire, or such resources that are mostly necessary for continuing. For example food in many games with hunger system is finite or difficult to maintain.

Resource management currently is reserved as a container group for more broader concepts however, and finite resources is strictly when there's no way to replenish some necessary resources.

Anyway, the gameplay concept is that you have limited resources that you need to manage when and how you use to be successful. Dark Souls is a simple example of this, where you have limited amount of healing in form of the Estus Flask, allowing you to heal only at base 5 times before you need to rest at a bonfire and reset all enemies. Similarly in Eye of the Beholder and I think Dungeon Master you have hunger meter and finite amount of food, so you have constant pressure to finish the game before you run out of food for good with no way of replenishing them. The basic concept of survival games is scarce or hard to acquire resources and managing what little you have. Survival horror games tend to be about managing the small amount of ammunition and healing you have.

So, I was wondering what tag name to use for these? I was considering `scarce resources` or more explicit `resource management gameplay`.

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