Search for deleted games


Is there any way to look for a deleted game? I'm looking for a game that I think I added a long time ago, but it's missing now. I think someone deleted it, so I'd like to check its log to see if there was a good reason for this game to be deleted or not, so I won't add it again if it is not necessary.

Yes, the logs do store the data of the deleted game, but there is now interface to search.
Just write here the name, I'll search it directly on the DB.
I understand searching the logs could be useful, I'll try to add it if can be done easily.

The game is "Roommate W: Futari" for the Sega Saturn. There is already two "Roommate" games for this platform but this is a different one. I thought I added every official game for the Sega Saturn so I don't understand why this one is missing. I may have missed it, or someone may have deleted it, or... I'm not sure, so I wanted to check the logs.

Thanks !

I searched for roommate in the logs.
Please note that logs store the game title when deleting or updating a game, but no game was deleted, and looking at the detailed logs for each game, now suspicious editing were found ... sorry.

These games did match:

OK, thanks! My mistake then, I certainly forgot to add the game. I will do it soon.