Apple II screenshots


Once I am done with my current side project (completion of the 'available' Commodore PET games), I plan on finally doing a big general clean-up and improvement of the Apple II game entries, besides adding more games for it of course. That includes adding screenshots for them, which I want to take with an emulator myself whereever possible. And where I have a questsion.

The Apple II is rather complicated when it comes to graphics modes and especially what is the best solution to have screenshots for them. When I take screenshots with an emulator the screenshots are saved in a 560x384 pixel picture. Most of the games however are in 280x192 mode, so in the few cases in the past when I made screenshots I took a good look at the pixels whether its a 280x192 screen or not and would reduce the screenshot by half. This check however takes quite a lot of time and is a source of mistake. Since there are games that obviously use 560x384 pixels (or the emulator displays the interpolation of them like that or whatever), I cannot reduce everything by standard to 280x192 without having a good look. On the other hand I could theoretically keep the original emulator 560x384 screenshots. Normally I don't like to have "double-sized" screenshots and I do everything to avoid them, but for the Apple II it might be a better solution in the end, because otherwise I fear I might reduce some screenshots with which information is lost and I don't recognize it easily.

BTW: When I make the Apple II games clean-up that also means I will replace a good number of existing screenshots (wrong resolution, screenshots with unnecessary black borders, screenshots in jpg, screenshots with a "crack" title screen, etc. etc.)

Double-sized screenshots could be the best choice when resolution is below 320x200.
UVL already doubles the resolution with very small screenshots (i.e. GB), because when the image is shown, it would look too blurry if enlarged only by the browser.
Having a larger and sharper image as starting point the browser will give better results, so please go for 560x384!
And thanks for the amazing job done so far ;)