About Rifts: Promise of Power

Rifts is a classic 15-year old pen and paper roleplaying game from Palladium Books Inc. that's been hugely successful among millions of gamers for more than a decade. We're immensely proud to present the exclusive digital debut of the title, co-developed by the author of the series, Kevin Siembieda.
Rifts: Promise of Power features over 40 hours of immersive gameplay, dedicated to staying true to the original characteristics of the game.
Assemble your party from an intriguing selection of characters and explore countries like North America, Scotland, China and the New German Republic. Gameplay in the Rifts world consists of two different styles: real-time movement and turn-based combat. You will need strategic knowledge of the locations, special magic, psychic skills, and high technology to achieve your goals!
Let the deep and detailed story take you to a multi-dimensional world of supernatural beings, gods, time travelers, dragons, cyborgs, psionics, automatic weapons, and much, much more...