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Play, create, share!

With numerous new features and incredible innovations, TrackMania United is the latest version of the most entertaining car racing game around. You'll find all the famous TrackMania settings from Sunrise, Original and Nations, with countless changes and improvements.
Drive at mind-blowing speed on today's most spectacular tracks throughout the immense single player campaign, packed with 3 game modes and almost 200 new circuits. Take advantage of a new revolutionary* feature which allows you to exchange vehicles and skins with players around the world, directly through the new circuit game interface.

Increase the fun in single player mode by recording your best time in official mode and appearing in the rankings of your region, your country or simply a group of friends!
Join players around the world and take off in wild multiplayer games on thousands of tracks created by the TrackMania community!

TrackMania United offers creation tools such as the well-known circuit editor which allows you to easily use the more than 1,000 construction blocks to make your own tracks, which are playable in single or multiplayer modes. Create your own race and stunt videos with the TM editing studio and customise your vehicles in the paint workshop. All player creations can be traded directly through the game thanks to the new exchange system included in TrackMania United!

*additional features and content when an Internet connection is available.


• 3 single player modes (Race, Platform and Puzzle) and almost 200 new circuits.
• 7 TrackMania environments and 7 vehicle types, each with different game play and handling. "Stadium", the most recent environment, has had a total rework with new blocks, new ambiances and a new lighting system.
• Win "Coppers" by earning single player mode medals and using them as a unit of exchange with players around the world to trade tracks, vehicles and other creations.
• A new evolution in video games integrating Internet, a browser, peer to peer gaming, a system of exchange and resource sharing, real time player rankings, group creation and an evolving single player mode.

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TrackMania United video game info