2018-11-27 (updated 2019-04-22)

Vtech Socrates is an educational home console powered by 6 batteries, with an infrared controller consisting of a keyboard plus two joysticks. Originally sold for $130, discontinued around 1991. Games are in cartridge format.
In Germany, the console was sold by Yeno by the name "Prof. Weiss-Alles".
A few built-in games were included.

Vtech Advantech I.Q. Unlimited is different version of the Socrates with 12 built-in programs, including a limited BASIC. It could save and load files to internal save RAM (battery backed), external Save RAM cart, floppy disk drive, and possibly other peripherals. It had a parallel port intended for a printer. It was a luggable powered by 4 D-Cell batteries or an external 12v power supply AC adaptor. It had a 1 line LCD display for all software but would plug into a TV for a better experience. While the Socrates was designed to be a game console Advantech I.Q. clearly leaned toward a personal computer like experience. It had a few games and a cartridge slot for playing Socrates carts.

Vtech IT Unlimited was like the Advantech I.Q. but came with a mouse, had a mouse oriented GUI, and was in a laptop form factor.