End of february updates


The main news about february had to be the new search page, but the need to switch to a new server came suddenly, and left no choice but to work on this.
After solving some problems with the different versions of PHP related to the migration, the search page will be finished.

2019-03-12 (updated 6 days and 3 hours ago)
Hi Andrea, long time no see ;) I know it's not the appropriate place to report this but I just wanted to warn you that I can't edit games anymore. I tried to change release date of Strider II to 1992, but when I click on "Game update", nothing happens (but a redirection to postgame.php) and edit is not effective. Result page is a "500 Internal Server Error".

Something similar happens when I try to check Game Edit Log, with a 404 Not Found Error (example: https://www.uvlist.net/users/logs/game/10285).

EDIT: Works now ;) (but "game edit logs" are empty).

5 days and 21 hours ago
There was a PHP upgrade last weekend and along it came a couple of bugs that needed to be fixed. There is some info about a couple of broken functions (which are already fixed) in UVL slack. The empty game editing logs is an issue that has not yet been mentioned/found. And I can confirm that I also have this issue. Guess it can be fixed easily once Andrea reads about it.

2 days and 18 hours ago
Hi dandyboh, sorry for the late reply.
As stated by teran01, there is still an update in progress (a server from scratch) that requires an heavy code review while correctly configuring the server to be performing and secure.
This takes some time (I'm learning quite a lot BTW).
Please report for any other issue, I'm almost there but there are sections to update.