Video in C128 platform entry


I can't recall adding many videos to platform entries. I came across a great video that is incredibly comprehensive so it is on the C128 entry now.

2019-04-22 (updated 2019-04-22)
A single high quality (content wise) video in a platform entry page is OK I think. However I personally stopped linking videos completely since I found that more and more videos disappear after a while from Youtube. Once every couple months I am going through all the video links in UVL and must delete a few of them. Thats also why I am generally sceptical with linking to external stuff.

For platform pages I have my own sort of blueprint which I only used on very few platforms so far(those where I tried to get a near 100% completion). Finished are "Commodore PET", "Adventure Vision", "APF Imagination Machine". The "Emerson Arcadia 2001" and the Apple I are missing the platform image (still waiting for Andrea to implement one). And I am currently working on the Fairchild Channel F and to a lesser extent the Apple II (I have not yet updated the Apple II platform page though).

My wish would be to have a similar structure for all platform pages in the future. A video does not look out of place, so thats what I mean with having a single good video is quite OK with me.

Oh, I forgot to mention that video briefly shows examples of exactly how CP/M is cross-platform and is not cross-platform.