May updates


Just released the new search page, now accessible via an orange link on the right side of the usual search page.
All the features are kept but should be easier to hide/show features.
Also, in the platform selector you can type to filter the platforms list, and typing a brand, i.e. sony, will show all PlayStation models.
If no issues arise, it will shortly replace the old page.

I like having search filters and options visible and available without having to navigate menus to use them. It saves a lot of time. However, if filters and options were saved after use, so that every time I returned to the search page, the previous filters and options were like I left them, then this new design would be fine.

Defaulting to the latest search filter instead of starting blank is a nice idea.
Will look at it later.

"Add new game" seems to be missing from the new search

Add a new game added, and fixed some layout quirks.

The platform names do not display correctly. When I type PC-Engine I get nothing, when i type MS-DOS I get nothing. I only see company names etc. Not usable in this form.

Edit: And please fix the bug on the game page when I click on a "title Screen" or "package" marked picture it does not open up and says "This image failed to load". Oh and when I click on the game info page on "View the Full Gallery" and click on a picture it always shows the main picture and not the one I click on.

Another issue I have with the new search system. The results only show the main name of the game, while it showed all alternate names before. That is irritating. Especially when you search for an alternate name and a seemingly different name appears. Can we do this the old way again please?

2019-06-01 (updated 2019-06-01)
I've fixed the platform selection and image links on the galleries, and tomorrow I'll add an option to display the alternate names.
Sorry for these issues to come out.

Now there is the option to "Show alternate names" in the "view options" menu.

Am I missing something or does the new search not support year ranges?

Game edit log seems to be broken right now.


I am unable to list games based on my personal tags. Specifically, I use !own_215 *a lot*, and it doesn't work now.

How do I sort by last edited?

How do I sort by last edited?

Filtering by editor/edits seem to be missing from the new search.

Sorry for the delay, here are the latest fixes:

- Game edit log fixed
- The new search supports year ranges by typing the two years consecutively, i.e 2000 2001
- fixed listing games based on personal tags
- Sorting by last edit and by edotor, soon

Bug in Search:
When doing a search with an apostrophe as in "Dragon's Lair" it only shows the first search page correctly. Once I want to sort by year or go on to second page of the search results it switches back to the search term "Dragon".