Apotheosis, playing god, and the like

6 days and 20 hours ago

I would like to add a tag for stories that involve apotheosis, playing god, and similar instances where people are going "too far", such as claims that they're playing god, trying to do something the gods/divine do, or something like that, and I mean outside of actual transcendency where it becomes reality.

This should be mainly applied as it's presented in the fiction of the game and not based on our external values.

This should probably be multiple separate tags:
* Apotheosis – someone being deified by other people, regardless what they do, did or are. For example Pharaohs are subject of this, but it's not actually covered in many games outside of implications that you already know how they existed in their respective day and age (thus wouldn't deserve being tagged with apotheosis most of the time).
* Playing god/Hubris – someone flaunting the local beliefs and doing what is supposed to be only done by the gods. Generally no-one claims the person is a god except maybe themselves. Doctor Frankenstein is generally accused of this.
* Divine simulacrum – artificial god. Kind of like ascension but not really, since you create a third party to function as a god. Probably done in few Japanese games.
* Imitation of god/gods – kinda like playing god, but in positive way. Being like the divine is not seen as bad but rather desirable. Sekiro has something like this with hint of playing god variety.

1 day and 18 hours ago
Such tags are useful, but I'm not sure of words of phrases to use.

As far as I can tell, "Apotheosis" doesn't have the negative implications that "playing god" does and does not carry with it the themes of "Hubris", "Divine simulacrum", "Imitation of gods". Throughout human history from the time "Apotheosis" and its later equivalent words were used, it was seen as a positive albeit reserved word. The idea of "Apotheosis" being a negative thing seems to be a new idea. I mean very, very new, as in 2019 new. "Apotheosis" can apply to other nouns besides a person. "deified by other people" might also be an unnecessary limit. deification might work better. Applying "Deification" to other nouns carries the implication of personifying them.

"divinehubris" might be a better tag than "Playing god". "Playing god" is too new (1931) and probably too American. "Divine hubris" is of course redundant. But modern use of the word hubris tends the ignore its ancient definition of disregarding limitations imposed by divine sources.

"Divine simulacrum". counterfeitdeities maybe?

"Imitation of god/gods" Did you mean literal imitation, as in replicating what a diving being can do (create, perform general miracles) for benevolent purposes? Or in the sense of following the example given by a diving being (forgive wrongs, define code of law, reenact a pilgrimage)?
divinereplication for the first option? divinebehavior for the other?