Google Stadia


Stadia is coming and I've added the platform for two exclusive games, Gylt and Get Packed.

As stated in Wikipedia,
Stadia is built on Linux servers and Vulkan is their graphics API.

But it is not possible to consider it a Linux platform, some game will not run on it anyway
REDDIT google_stadia_isnt_linux_gaming_its_a_proprietary

A tag to cover the games available on other platforms sounds ok, but taking for example Assassin's Creed Odyssey, it is available for Win, PS4 and XboxOne ...
Should we tag all three ? If the PS4 one is tagged "available on Stadia", it seem like the PS4 version can be played there, right ?

And who buys a Stadia game, which game is he supposed to marks as "own" in UVL ?

Any ideas ?

re: Google Stadia
I personally would wait a little bit until its clear how other gaming databases handle Stadia games.

It is hardware independant digital downloads (steaming is just a non-persistant download). I think it should be handled like cross hardware operaring systems.

BTW, any progress on CP/M at UVL?

Perhaps near to the "Own" and "Played" icons there should be an "Access" icon to cover when a player has the right to play a game they don't "own". This would cover several situations some where some editors have objected that a game can't actually be owned. Having an account for an online game that has no physical media or even a permenant download. A downloaded GPL or Public Domain game. And, a steamed-only game (Stadia, Satellaview)