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A one or two player game in which players may compete for highest score against the game computer.
Each time a player is hit by an alien, the game switches to his opponent's sequence.

The object is to destroy as many of the descending aliens as possible. To accomplish this the player is given a three stage multi-fire Warship.
He begins with the first stage, firing a single laser at the enemy. If he is successful in eliminating the first four sets of aliens, he is given an opportunity to dock his first stage onto the second within a specific time limit (the sooner he unites the stages, the higher is his awarded score).

Once docked, the stages combine their firing power, so the first (one laser) adds to the second (two lasers) giving the player a total of three usable lasers as the game continues.

The player then must face two more sets of aliens and a shower of meteors, after which he has a chance to dock again, this time uniting with the third stage for a combined fire power of five lasers. If he is able to defeat the last two sets of aliens intact, the entire sequence begins again. The game continues with increasing difficulty until the entire warship is destroyed.
When the warship is hit the player continues with whatever stages remain. If his score reaches 30,000 he is awarded a free game and his score continues to accumulate.
Moon Cresta video game info