Informal tag group suggestions


More or less a question to Andrea. I recognize more and more tag suggestions while editing games. But its for "informal" groups. Should we actually add the game to the informal group? I always thought informal groups are not meant to be filled with games, but why the prominent suggestions to add them?

3 days and 17 hours ago
Not really sure the meaning of informal group, but I'm adding suggestions to games still without a genre tag, and based other game elements the suggestion is displayed.

2 days and 14 hours ago
When I enter a platform game it gives the suggestion to add a tag platformer. My question is whether to add the tag as well, although the genre already clearly states its a platformer. The group "platformer" says its an informal group. So I don't know whether this is meant to be just for being a sort of container group only or if it should be actively tagged.